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The Story of Allison and Bernadette 



This book is for the girl who can't see that she's beautiful. This book is for those who struggle with things that others find easy. This book is for the boy who’s just like his friends on the inside, if only they could learn to see beyond the outside. This book is for the ones who doubt themselves and their exquisite strength. This book is for the one who needs a hand and for the hand that grabs hold. This book is for you. 

You can call it fate, dumb luck, or divine intervention, but something brought these two together to tell their story. Allison, an avid feeder of birds in her backyard, noticed a unique female cardinal among the bunch. It didn’t take long for Allison to realize that, despite her persistence and determination, this bird wasn’t able to eat on her own like the others. With equal determination, Allison began experimenting with various meal combinations in hopes it would help this sickly bird survive. Eventually, Allison gave her the name Bernadette, which means “brave as a bear.”

Chronicling her adventures with Bernadette, Allison posted updates to her online readers about Bernadette’s condition. Interest in this little bird quickly grew and, in time, these updates became a daily necessity for many. It was obvious to Allison that this story needed to be told because, young or old, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the spirit of the tiny bird known as — Bernadette the Brave. 

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